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Donna Dettore, principal of metro Detroit, MI-based Dettore Design Group, has been an interior designer since 1997.

With a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from the renowned Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI, Dettore has appreciated design since she was 12 years old.

Growing up with a textile-artist mother, a father who built churches, two sisters (also with an artistic side) and five brothers (artists and builders among them), it’s no surprise Dettore embarked on a career in design.

As a young girl, the budding designer would instruct her brothers to rearrange furniture weekly. She also would often assist her mother on projects. “We were constantly at fabric stores and knit shops

— I couldn’t resist touching all those fabrics and fibers,” Dettore recalls. “Saturated colors and tactile weaves mesmerized me.”

Today, Dettore’s “design signature,” in fact, often includes unexpected patterns and textiles as well as functional-but-artistic pieces and timeless color palettes with a bit of edge (yes, color should go on ceilings!).

Those are all in keeping, of course, with her clients’ ultimate goals of blending function with aesthetics, she says. “I work with clients to create what their definition of home is,” explains Dettore, whose favorite space in her own home (shared with her husband and their daughter) features her childhood kitchen table and a velvet settee reupholstered in her mother’s favorite shade — turquoise.

Dettore’s keen listening and observation skills allow her to truly dwell in what she calls “the art of possibility.”

Her design projects include spaces in Illinois, California, Florida, throughout Michigan … and, hopefully, in your home soon!